Email is a great way for estate agents to communicate with their client database, sometimes long after they have dealt with you. Effective use of email capture and email promotion will help you generate a long term relationships and bring you more repeat business.

So first things first, make sure you are capturing emails at every opportunity, especially when registering Buyers and booking Market Appraisals. In terms of long term income generation you really must be collecting as many vendor emails as you can. So ensure that you are doing what you can in branch to collect them.

I would also recommend having a subscription form on your website so that you can collect even more addresses. Remember many vendors will research your website before calling you in, so this is a great way to communicate with them and create a relationship before they call.Once you have their email address, you can send them an email every now and then. This will help keep your brand in the minds of any potential vendors until the point need they need your services and ensures that you are on their contact list when they are ready to move.

Emails with lists of properties or promotions on how great you are is not really the kind of content we are talking about here. Try sending local market news, community events or even guides on how to get the best price, how a pretty garden helps to sell etc.

Just in case you need an email service to start sending your emails with, you can take a look at ours right here.

So as always good luck with the next instruction, and comments welcome below!