Canvassing Letters for Estate Agents.

Grow your stock list and boost your name awareness with our expertly written letter templates.

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canvassing letter for estate agents

Send expertly written letters and watch your stock list grow

Use timely messages to increase your canvassing conversion rates

“These letters are opening doors that normal canvassing failed to!”
Branch Manager, Optima

Are you sending out canvassing letters and leaflets which get little or no response or worse still sending nothing at all?

Are you one of the many Estate agents that think canvassing doesn’t work anymore?

FACT: Most Estate Agents In Your Area Are Struggling For Stock!

Unfortunately most of these agents are canvassing with the same old marketing material as each other. You’ve seen the glossy leaflets with all the bullet points and the cheap deal. They are always the same and end up straight in the bin!

The solution is simple, change your message to change your response.

Don’t waste time trying to come up with something clever to write. We’ve done it for you…

Canvassing letter templates for estate agents

Introducing the Canvassing Letter MEGA Bundle!

Expertly written canvassing letters for Estate Agents

Canvassing Letter Templates For Estate Agents

Boost Your Canvassing Response Rates

Go From This…

Go From This…

Positive Response

A great bunch of canvassing letters

These are a great bunch of canvassing letters which help raise your business profile which we all need.

Paul Baker
Director - Bakers Estate Agents

We are seeing results already!

I purchased the mega bundle canvassing letters a little over 2 weeks ago and we are seeing results already. The letters give us a different fresh approach to contacting potential sellers! These letters are opening doors that normal canvassing failed to! A big thank you to eaanalytics from the staff at Optima Wisbech!

Kelly Traylen
Branch Manager

I love your canvassing letters!

I wanted to drop you a line and say that I love your canvassing letters. If you release any more can you let me know.

David G Sansome
Managing Director - Sansome & George

These have been what we have been looking for

These have been what we have been looking for, as putting pen to paper does not come easy to some of us. They have been very useful.

John Neville
Managing Director - Pure365

Invaluable in helping to promote our business

We have found the letters invaluable in helping to promote our business, we are a relatively young company so the letters have really helped in adding structure to our marketing plan and in gaining new instructions. Well worth the fee!

Branch Manager - Rutter Green

Fantastic support

Fantastic support from Chris and the products offered were really helpful in setting the standards of getting the right target market. From purchasing the products there was still additional support and great recommendations on how to improve my business. As a new company who focuses on innovation, its brilliant to meet Chris who is on the same wavelength. High recommended

Warren Pongchai

Whatever your canvassing goals, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you are looking to bump up your instruction levels with fresh instructions or communicate with vendors on the market with competing agents, our canvassing letter templates for Estate Agents will help you do it!

Used consistently these letter templates will help you increase your instructions and grow your market share.

The Canvassing Letter
MEGA Bundle.

Buy Now £99
Usual selling price for all four packs £120
Canvasing Letter Templates For Estate Agents

Take a Look at What’s Included

16 Letters, 4 Great packs, One AMAZING bundle.

Already on the Market

This series of letters has been expertly written and offer a consultative rather than pushy approach. An approach which has been proven to receive a much higher response than the usual canvassing methods. These letters are great ice breakers and will help to to increase your market share while decreasing your competitors at the same time.

This is a series of letters which follow on from each other, they will help you build rapport and break the ice between you and the potential vendor. Use them either weekly or bi-weekly to help you increase your Name Awareness and Market Share. They will help you stay in contact with other agents vendors & help you catch them when they fall!

Already on the market letter templates

Key Stages

Increase your stock with this pack of 4 expertly written letters designed to help estate agents capture vendors at key stages of their marketing.

Whether they have just instructed another agent or recently reduced, these letters will help you capture vendors disappointed with their current agent or simply looking appoint another one.

Just Instructed Another Agent

Send this to all new instructions as they come onto the market. It’s not too salesy and is a great rapport builder. It will help you ensure that if they ever have any doubt about their sale to speak to you first. Also helps you pick up the odd multiple agency, if that’s what you are into…

Just Reduced

Just reduced, in this market?? Exactly, now it’s your duty to let those vendors know that there are other options to consider before they reduce any further. This letter will help you do just that.

Slow Mover

Do you have any properties in you area which just seem to be sticking around and not selling? Those vendors could do with your expert advice to help them get sold. Use this letter to help you open the door and show them how good you are.


Noticed a property that has been recently withdrawn, do you agree that any property is saleable at the right price? Then use this letter to get you in so that you can give them the right advice and a fresh approach. Capture them before another agent does!

Canvasing Letter Templates For Estate Agents

The Canvassing Letter
MEGA Bundle.

Buy Now £99
Usual selling price for all four packs £120

Fresh Stock 1

Four letters designed to help estate agents attract vendors who are thinking of selling, now or in the near future. They have been written in a way that is not too salesy or pushy but will give you an opportunity to convey in a subtle way how successful you are.

You already have letters like the ones listed here, however these have been re-written to be more suggestive. Every word has been chosen to be positive and suggestive, ensuring that any negative connotations have been removed. This dramatically improves conversion rates.

Once Sold

Send this letter on exchange of contracts to all the properties on the same road or the 20 houses opposite and 20 either side. This will help you capture any other vendors thinking of selling and increase your circle of influence.

Sold Another Wanted

A short and to the point letter with a picture of the property you sold. It helps potential vendors identify there property (if similar) with your agency. You will become known to them for selling their type of property. Very Powerful!

Specific Area Request

A basic leaflet type letter with a specific call to action. Simply print on headed paper fold in half and post through a couple of streets a day. Watch your stock and name awareness grow…

Can You Help?

A well crafted letter which appeals to the vendors sense of generosity by asking them for their help to find you a property for your buyer. Cements you as the caring hard working agent who leaves no stone unturned.

Fresh Stock 2

Another great pack of 4 letters designed to attract potential vendors who are thinking about selling in the near future. A bit like Fresh Stock 1 but with different flavours!

Once Sale Agreed

Send this letter when you agree a sale to all the properties on the same road or the 20 houses opposite and 20 either side. It lets them know how successful you’ve been and that you have more buyers waiting. Great for name awareness.

Request For Property Certificate

A totally different approach to the usual canvassing letters. This one comes in the from of a certificate signed by your potential buyer, certifying that they have asked you to find them a particular type of property. Show them how hard you work for your clients.

Specific Road Request

Completely different to our Specific Area Request in the other Fresh Stock Pack. This letter appeals to vendors who would consider selling for a good price with minimal fuss. Associate your brand with success and determination.

Valuing In Your Street

This letter is a bit more generic in nature but has been proven to help you get through many more potential vendors doors. It’s great for helping you to build a pipeline of future prospects and cross selling opportunities.

The Canvassing Letter
MEGA Bundle.

Buy Now £99
Usual selling price for all four packs £120
Canvasing Letter Templates For Estate Agents