Use Facebook Pages & Adverts to generate more Estate Agent leads!.

Everyone talks about how it’s so important to be on Facebook, but how can Estate Agents use it to engage with their audience and ultimately generate more leads?

There’s so many things to choose from and as many conflicting opinions to match. Boost posts, don’t boost posts, branded page, non branded, show properties or not etc etc, the list goes on.

I can’t tackle all that in a single post but here are a few pointers to help you get started.

How to Optimise Your Page to Drive Engagement

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you

Use a button to help people engage with your page. There are some great options. For example, you could use a Learn More button to drive them to your about us page, a Book Now button to create appointment or a simple Send Message button to help potential client communicate with you directly.

Our favourite is sending them to Messenger.

Top tip: Use your header image to point out the button and get more people to click it.

Facebook for Estate Agents - Page Button

Give people updates

Create posts to stay top of mind with people who are interested in your Page. Use visuals, such as photo and video walkthroughs of your properties, to help capture your audience’s attention. You can then boost the more popular posts to reach an even larger audience!

For example, you could post about:

  • Upcoming open houses
  • New listings
  • Sales you’ve recently made

Top Tip: Try to make the posts more about giving value than promoting yourself.

Reasons to Use Facebook Adverts in Estate Agency

Find Qualified Instruction Leads

Use your Facebook Page to help connect with potential clients. Facebook has great targeting options to help you find the right people.

Great for Finding Buyers & Tenants 

Whether your customers are just beginning to look for a home or are ready to make a purchase, Facebook has solutions that will help you connect with them.

Get More From Your Marketing Budget

Facebook ads can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising channels like direct mail or newspapers and has great reporting options to help you manage your budget.

How to create effective ads

Facebook for Estate Agents - Carousel Ad

Use eye-catching creative formats

Try using a carousel ad to showcase properties or a list of properties. You can use the space to showcase different angles of a property or more than one listing in your portfolio, even pop a video in there.

Facebook ads for Estate Agents - Targeting

Reach people who are likely to move

You can use detailed targeting which includes demographics, interests and behaviours to find your ideal customers. For example, you can include people who are Likely to move.

Facebook for Estate Agents - Location

Target people in relevant locations

Think about where your potential buyers are and choose the relevant locations to display your ads. You could use this method to target potential buyers within a certain distance of a property for sale.

Facebook for Estate Agents - Budget

Choose the right budget

You are in total control of how much you want to spend. Facebook gives you loads of options to manage your budget and bidding options to help you ensure you don’t spend too much.

Try Lead Ads for More Sign Ups

Find Qualified Leads with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook’s lead ads allow people register without leaving Facebook, making it easy for people to send you their information. You can select from pre-populated questions such as name, email address and even phone number. You can also add custom questions such as desired location, budget, and approximate date of move.

Lead Forms can help you:

  • Learn where people are looking for homes
  • Gather information about your customers’ budgets
  • Understand where customers are in the home buying process
  • Schedule home showings

Facebook for Estate Agents - Lead Form

Helpful hints for lead ads

Minimal Questions = More Results

Only ask for the information you really need. Try asking no more than 3 custom questions, such as asking how much they are willing to spend, the location they are considering moving to, or when they plan to move. You can provide multiple choice answers to keep free-form text input to a minimum.

Give them a reason to convert

Add a welcome screen to help people understand why they should give you their contact info. You can use this space to provide information about your business or offer an incentive to help increase response rates.

Be clear on next steps

Let people know what will happen after they share their info with you. Include details like how and when you’ll contact them. Be sure to follow up with your leads when you say you will.

Manage your data

Download leads from your Page or receive them automatically by connecting your email marketing tools. When you follow up, you can provide people with listings in which they may be interested.

That’s it for now!

I hope this has helped to give you a few ideas as to how to use you Facebook page and adverts to create more opportunities. Have you used anything that has really helped, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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