Kyriacou vs Watkin #2 How to Beat Cheap Estate Agent Fees.

Kyriacou Vs Watkin

I recently sat down with the legendary industry commentator and trainer Christopher Watkin to discuss various Estate Agency Issues. We recorded a series of videos touching mostly on estate agency marketing and lead generation.

In this video, we talk about cheap estate agency fees and what you can do to beat them. We discuss the importance of differentiation as well as the POP method:

  1. Discover the Pain
  2. Overcome the Obstacles
  3. Deliver the Pleasure

Once you can do this, improving your fees will be alot easier than you think.

Have a watch and please comment below!

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  1. Katy

    We’ve heard it all before but the way this comes over seems to come with sincerity and I’ll give you my email address as I like the way you capture clients without hounding them.

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