The benefits of a branch audit.

Branch Audit for Estate Agents

The day to day life of a busy office can be quite hectic at times which forces us to get caught up in systems, processes and habits that might not be as efficient as they should be. Taking the time to take a step back and see how they can be improved is not always possible, even if it were sometimes the inclination is just not there. So we carry on doing what we’ve always done and just hoping for a better result.

Inefficiencies cause loss

The problems is that even the slightest of inefficiencies can leave even the best of Estate Agents trailing behind and losing market share. Branch Audits are a great way to analyse your business from top to toe, from applicant registration to valuation follow ups and marketing. Most will offer a multi point check designed to help identify key areas for improvement and refinement. The results will help you fine tune your business to run at peak efficiency and maximum productivity.

Great ideas don’t always work out

If you are thinking about making some changes to your business of your own accord then consider this. The usual process that you might follow is to have a “Great Idea”, a moment of epiphany which you will want to implement immediately. You motivate your workforce to get behind your idea and they do so with much gusto or silent hesitation, dependent on their personality or how many of your ideas they’ve heard before.  You are then either very lucky and get immediate results or the idea doesn’t work and you move on to the next one. Now this all sounds very innocent however the damage done by bad ideas can be immeasurable especially on the moral and attitude of your team.

Remove the guesswork

My advice, get a professional audit of your branch which will take the guess work out of the process and show your clients and your staff that you are taking steps to ensure that you are delivering the best in customer care and service standards.

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