3 Marketing Channels Estate Agents Should Be Using Right Now!.

Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

I’ve been talking to many Estate Agents lately about their digital marketing strategies and it’s pleasing to hear some amazing ideas coming through from the community.

Having said that there still seems to be a lack of direction or end goal in mind when pushing blog posts or using Facebook/Adwords adverts. For example the use of Facebook adverts to drive homepage visits without any form of lead collection or even Facebook tracking installed. Or paying google to send people to your property blog. Suffice to say that doing that is a complete waste of time and money.

I’ll be releasing some training soon with videos and complete funnel templates for you to use. In the mean time, here are 3 marketing channels I recommend you should really start thinking about utilising if you are not already.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Messenger Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Sharing useful content that resonates with your target audience.

Instead of pitching your services, provide relevant and useful content to your prospects and clients which they will find valuable as well as SHAREABLE.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing allows businesses to keep their potential client/clients engaged with their brand, build loyalty and promote services.

Open/click rates are at an all time low but it’s not dead yet.

What is Messenger Marketing?

Currently being hailed as the next big thing, Messenger Marketing uses FB’s messaging platform to reach potential clients instantly. With the decline of overall engagement with email, Messenger Marketing is a fantastic alternative/addition. In our own experiments we achieved open rates of 100% and click through’s of 85%

Those numbers are huge…

Final thoughts: 3 Marketing Channels Estate Agents Should Be Using Right Now!

Doing only 1 of these types of marketing simply isn’t going to deliver the results you are looking for. It often takes several “touch points” to get a potential client’s attention and start to build a relationship.

Putting out valuable content combined with a content upgrade (free guide etc) for lead capture along with email marketing follow up is a good start. Using Messenger Marketing with Content Marketing and delivering extra value instantly to your prospects FB inbox is even better. Follow that up with email as an extra touch point and you really are starting to look at a bullet proof system. Now add some FB adverts into the mix and, well let’s save that for another discussion…

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