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Collect & Display your Reviews in 3 Easy Steps!

Review Collector Form

1. Create your form

Choose the information you’d like to collect from your customers, customise the form to match your brand and you’re done!

2. Send Review Request

Choose from our high converting email & SMS templates or create your own. Then sit back and watch the endorsements roll in.

Review Collector for Estate Agents
Review Display

3. Display & Share

You can Embed your testimonials wherever you like in minutes with no coding knowledge required. Choose from widget, sliders and fomo popups!

Take A Look At These Amazing Features

Review Collector for Estate Agents
  • Publish to Major Platforms

Customers can easily publish their review to platforms including Google My Business, Facebook Pages, Yelp & Trustpilot.
Wall of Love
  • Wall of Love

Display all of your testimonials in a stunning, infinitely loading page, set up in a few minutes. See our demo
Review Collector for Estate Agents
  • Fomo Popups

Boost your social proof with fomo popups. Trigger timely popups featuring your best Testimonials & Reviews.
Review Marketing
  • Automatic Posting

Automatically share your best reviews to social your networks. Put your testimonials to work for your business. See one of ours on Facebook
Import Reviews
  • Import Existing Testimonials

Add or import exiting testimonials in seconds from other platforms (Facebook, Google) or via a CSV file.
Easy Links
  • Easy Links

Make your customers’ lives even easier with pre-filled forms based on the data you already hold.

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