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The tool for Estate Agents that will help you influence vendors & win more instructions!

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ipad presentations for estate agents

Impress Your Clients & Win More Instructions

Still wondering if an iPad presentation will help you convert Market Appraisals to INSTRUCTIONS?
Well stop thinking, we’ve done the research and the answer is most definitely YES!

Highlight your company’s key strengths.

iPad Presentations for Estate Agents

iPad Presentation App for Estate Agents

Our iPad Presentation App for Estate Agents is perfect for to presenting your company in a more visually engaging and interactive way. It will leave a lasting impression with your vendors, set you apart from the competition and will most certainly help you win more instructions.

This app has the first to market advantage and as such could be a key differentiator in the sector; continue to build out the value proposition and this has huge potential. Well done.

We tested and tested until it was just right, then we tested some more. We are really happy with this product and are certain it will help you win more instructions.

James Dawson, Designer – EAanalytics
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Not just another search App!

The iPad Presentation app has been designed to help Estate Agents win more instructions.
Invest in an app that your vendors will love!

Email to Vendors

Email a link to your iPad Presentation app to potential Vendors along with your appointment confirmation.  They can interact with it at their leisure and will have already built a relationship with you prior to your arrival. It’s a great ice breaker and will create an instant topic of conversation. You can even add the link to your email signatures.

Use on Market Appraisals

Use the iPad Presentation app to help you with your presentations to vendors. Leave it with them as you walk around the property or use it to demonstrate your company in a more stimulating way. They will help you keep the vendors attention right where you need it and then close them for the instruction!signatures.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Will I need an internet connection for this to work?

    A.No, these apps are designed to be used offline just in case there is no internet at your Market Appraisal.

  • Q.Can I send to to a vendor before the Market Appraisal?

    A.Yes, in fact we encourage you to add a link in your email signature so vendors can play with it before you get there. It’s a great ice breaker and will give vendors a real ’feel’ for your company.A.We can normally turn the standard app around in about two weeks. However should you need something more bespoke then this will take longer.

  • Q.Are there any ongoing subscription costs?

    A.No, you only pay for your initial setup cost depending on your needs. Extra charges are only made if you need to make changes to the app once it has been published.

  • Q.How quickly can you make my app?

    A.We can normally turn the standard app around in about two weeks. However should you need something more bespoke then this will take longer.

Demonstrate that you are different, convert more valuations & justify higher fees!

Put a Secret Weapon in your arsenal, get an iPad Presentation App from EAanalytics.

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Start winning more instructions today!

Help vendors to choose you by engaging with them in a more interactive way.

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