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canvassing letter for estate agents

My name is Chris Kyriacou!

I’ve run a few Estate Agency Offices in my 15 years of service and learned a lot from working in both Corporate and Independent environments. The one tactic that I could always rely to boost productivity and keep me on the top spot was going “Back To Basics” every now and then.

One of these basic techniques was to canvass any street I was involved with. Be it a Market Appraisal, a listing, an exchange or a sale. This helped me to increase my Brand Awareness dramatically and cement my brand as the most active and best performing.

This method takes consistency and dedication but it works!

I tried hundreds of variations of these letters over the years and made notes on their conversion rates. After much testing I settled on these 4 as the best performers for generating more market appraisals.

These are the four key stages which the letters cover:

Chris Kyriacou
This Is Me!

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We have found the letters invaluable in helping to promote our business, we are a relatively young company so the letters have really helped in adding structure to our marketing plan and in gaining new instructions. Well worth the fee!
[Intro]Name Awareness Booster Letter Pack
Rutter Green
These letters are opening doors that normal canvassing failed to! A big thank you to eaanalytics from the staff at Optima Wisbech!
[Intro]Name Awareness Booster Letter Pack
Kelly Traylen
These have been what we have been looking for, as putting pen to paper does not come easy to some of us. They have been very useful.
[Intro]Name Awareness Booster Letter Pack
John Neville
Pure 365
We recently purchased the sales pack of letters and immediately started to use them to attract new sellers. We are pleased with the results so far and are using the letters to their full potential. We would recommend purchasing the pack as an investment to your business.
Red Homes
Rachel Rowe
Estate Agent