The Challenge

To take an existing, long established business and grow it to a position of unassailable market share whilst increasing the fee at the same time.

Helmores grew to 70% market share in less than 12 months

The Story

Helmores relationship with EAanalytics grew organically through the various stages of our client journey. First they joined our Facebook Lead Engine and experienced the power of a proper social strategy.

We then scaled this to bring in both Google Display and Google Search ads to really help keep Helmores top of mind.

Their social strategy was coupled with a complete website design and build which now brings in more leads than Rightmove & the other portals at a fraction of the cost.

After 18 months with EAanalytics, Helmores continue to grow from strength to strength. Always open to new ideas and first to jump in with 2 feet whenever we launch a new growth tool.


Market Share

Fuelled by an excellent follow up and client nurture journey.


Additional Income

Attributed to our lead generation funnel in the first 12 months.


New Leads Generated

100’s more added to the pipeline every single month.

“The absolute masters of digital marketing for estate agents. I’m literally blown away by the sheer amount of traffic to our website from Google ads, and volume of Facebook leads that arrive every day.”

Helmores grew to 70% market share in less than 12 months
Rob Stoyle

Managing Partner – Helmores Estate Agents

The Process

At EAanalytics we have our finger on the pulse of the latest digital strategies. Favouring measurable numbers and conversions over intangibles and vanity metrics.

Helmores had the budget and wanted to build a rock solid client journey that would take them from “one of the others” to the only choice in their town.

This is what we did:

  • Create a Facebook & Google Ad campaigns to drive cold leads

  • Google Display campaign to retarget warm traffic.

  • New conversion focussed website with excellent client experience.

  • Deployed a suite of growth tools for client engagement and retention.

  • Full funnel design, build & management.

Grow your traffic

We can show you how to grow traffic to your business online and harness it to boost your growth.

Helmores grew to 70% market share in less than 12 months

Increase your sales

More Traffic = More Awareness = Mores sales! It’s a simple formula but it works.

Helmores grew to 70% market share in less than 12 months


Since using our services Helmores have seen exponential growth even though they were already well established. They have grown their market share to 70% inside 12 months whist at the same time growing their fee from around 1.35% to 1.75% average.

They now have a funnel which includes Facebook ads, Google ads, SMS, video messages and generates 3-4 valuations every week. Due to the massive value that their funnel provides their clients they are often the only agents called in which has helped fuel their fee growth.

Their website is fully dynamic and will change content depending on the type of user and what ad they might have clicked on. This gives the browser an experience most suited to them which considerably increases the conversion rate.

Let’s Make Things Happen!

Chris Kyriacou

Chris Kyriacou

Digital Marketing Expert

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