The Challenge

Design and build an industry leading website coupled with a funnel that would exponentially grow their client base and keep them top of mind.

Ensum Brown skyrocketed to #1 for new listings only 4 months after opening

The Story

Ensum Brown were re-launching their brand and opening in a new area. They wanted a website that would help them convert browsers into leads & booked appointments. They wanted a site which encouraged visitors to take action whilst delivering messages that would help them grow their brand in the local area.

We designed and built them an industry leading, conversion focussed website which dynamically changes it’s content based on the person viewing it. This massive boosts engagement, conversions & the ultimate goal, appointments booked!

This was coupled with a client journey funnel that includes both Facebook & Google ads, various lead magnets and a bullet proof email nurture sequence. All the while nurturing cold leads into hot prospects and keeping the brand top of mind across multiple touch points and multiple channels.


Website Traffic Growth

In the first 2 months.


For New Listings

Within 4 months of opening.


Sales Fees

Agreed in the first 3 months.

“I can’t recommend EAanalytics enough. They become part of your team, care about adding value and get results.”

Neil Wise- Ensum Brown
Neil Wise

Managing Director – Ensum Brown

The Process

Having the opportunity to build out a full funnel with a brand new website really allowed us to build out the stuff of our dreams.

We broke down the client journey step by step and re-established to reasoning behind having a website in the first place, convert browsers into leads!

The fuel for any website lead growth is traffic so we built a rocking social media advertising campaign to drive traffic to the site and keep bringing it back again.

This is what we did:

  • Create a Facebook & Google Ad campaigns to drive cold leads.

  • Google Display campaign to retarget warm traffic and bring them back.

  • New conversion focussed website with dynamic content for better engagement.

  • Deployed a suite of growth tools for client engagement and retention.

  • Full funnel design, build & management.

Grow your traffic

We can show you how to grow traffic to your business online and harness it to boost your growth.

Ensum Brown skyrocketed to #1 for new listings only 4 months after opening

Increase your sales

More Traffic = More Awareness = Mores sales! It’s a simple formula but it works.

Ensum Brown skyrocketed to #1 for new listings only 4 months after opening

Let’s Make Things Happen!

Chris Kyriacou

Chris Kyriacou

Digital Marketing Expert

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