The Challenge

To launch a brand new Estate agency with no data, no portal subscription and no website, using only Facebook ads and a landing page.

Avocado launched from a cold start to 21 listings inside 4 weeks

The Story

When Avocado approached EAanalytics with the idea of launching a new forward thinking agency, we had no idea how forward thinking they meant!

We were tasked with generating them a database of cold leads that they could nurture into clients, without a website, without a high street location and without a list of clients to start with. Just two guys and some pink hoodies.

Enter the Facebook Lead Engine™ our propriety system of generating leads using Facebook ads, a landing page and some clever targeting. Within two weeks of launching Avocado had enough leads to generate £30k worth of instructions. After 4 weeks they had listed 21 properties.

5 months after our partnership began, Avocado grew to 10 partner agents and over 100 instructions, all from a cold start!

“I have worked with EAanalytics for about half a year now. Their knowledge has been incredible for our business and their lead generation is vital to our business too. I highly recommend utilising their services.”

Avocado launched from a cold start to 21 listings inside 4 weeks
Ian Macbeth

Avocado Property

The Process

At EAanalytics we like to deal with hard data and measurable campaigns that drive actual results instead of intangibles and vanity metrics. Avocado needed an ROI which meant they could scale their efforts with their business growth. This is what we did:

  • Create a Facebook Ad campaign to drive cold leads
  • Build an optimised landing page to convert leads into data
  • Nurture lead data with an authority building email campaign


Over 150 leads were generated in the first few weeks of the campaign which helped with the amazing launch strategy. Over £30k worth of commission instructed on 2nd week of opening and 21 listings in total at the end of week 4.

9 months later Avocado Property are firmly placed as the leading agent in their operating area and have grown from 2 to 11 partner agents over £350,000 sales commission in their pipeline. No leaflets, not a door knocked and no introduction offer on their fees.

Speak to EAanalytics about how we can do this for your business too.

Grow your traffic

We can show you how to grow traffic to your business online and harness it to boost your growth.

Avocado launched from a cold start to 21 listings inside 4 weeks

Increase your sales

More Traffic = More Awareness = Mores sales!
It’s a simple formula but it works.

Avocado launched from a cold start to 21 listings inside 4 weeks

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