The Future of Lead Capture for Estate Agents.

Roboval™ the lead capture chatbot for estate agents

When Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 19 billion dollars, you, like many others, may have believed he was losing the plot. He, of course, was not…

Zuckerberg knew that the future of digital communication was instantaneous and his subsequent acquisition of Instagram, with its messaging, live broadcasts and stories showed again his belief in the growth of app-based chat.

The business world has since latched on to this phenomenon and launched their very own Live Chats in various formats and guises. Companies both large and small have added plugins to their websites to enable chat.

However, there is a massive limitation to live chat but also a fantastic solution, which many companies, both large and small are switching to, but more on that later…

Let’s take a step back for a sec and look at what a typical website or landing page is should be trying to gain for you. Many agents just like you, treat their website like a shop window, this is a complete waste of time and space!

Buyers go to Rightmove! (and sometimes one of the other lot)

That’s a fact and it’s time you got over it. Why estate agent websites are still being designed and built to a pre-portals spec is beyond me.

The purpose of your website is to generate leads, simple as that. If it’s not designed that way scrap it and start again. Lead, leads, leads!

So how do you convert your visitors into leads?

Of course, you can have pop-ups, contact forms, as well as the aforementioned live chat and they will all provide leads and some conversions – but at a fast diminishing rate.

The problem with Live Chat is that it requires live human interaction which often means that the user is left hanging for an answer, this causes trust in your business to inevitably begin to deteriorate. Not only that but people find live chat pop ups rather intrusive, a bit like a store attendant who asks you if you need help as soon as you walk in.

Admit it, your usual response is to send them packing with an “I’m just browsing, thanks” even if you are genuinely looking sometimes. It’s the same with live chat, people just close it because it’s annoying.

The fact is, live chat is heading the same way as the contact form – to the graveyard of invention. If you still have forms on your site, ask yourself when was the last time someone filled one in?

Now I’m not talking about forms where people can report issues, because clients loooove those. Any excuse to complain right?

I’m talking about your contact form or your valuation booking form or to be honest, any data capture form on your website. I’m sure you have a couple. When was the last time someone filled one out??

No need to answer, I already know…

Do we even need to discuss pop-ups?

Yes, we use them here at EAanalytics but there is a MASSIVE no campaign brewing against them, even Google are starting to penalise sites that use them.

So what’s the solution I spoke about earlier?

Something better than pop-ups, forms, live chat and much better than instant valuation tools…

…Much better!

Enter the ChatBot, the future of data capture, the future of lead generation.

A chat bot, once set up, requires no one manning it and elicits data in an intuitive and interactive way, via a pleasant conversation.

Major players like Thomson (holidays) Match.com and even TFL, to name a few, have latched on to the potential of ChatBots.


Because they are easy to use, non intrusive, respond instantly and people love them!

So who’s leading the way in ChatBots for the property I hear you ask?

We are of course, silly question!

The fact is, ChatBots are perfect for the property industry and make a fantastic lead capture addition to any estate agency website. The best thing is the possibilities are endless!

You could use one as a messaging/contact form or even to replace your sign up forms all the while capturing contact info and adding it to your mailing list.

But why stop there?

What if you could integrate it with an Instant Online Valuation Generator and offer visitors an instant online valuation right there in the chat window? It could then continue the conversation and ask them what they thought of the valuation and maybe even close them for an appointment.

How amazing would that be? Pretty amazing right?

Not only would you have their contact info but also an indication of what they are expecting on price!! Surely this would give you a MASSIVE advantage when you go round to see them for a Market Appraisal.

If only this were possible…

…Well it is!

Without further ado let me introduce you to Roboval™, the intelligent, friendly and cost-effective alternative to the comatose Contact Form, the annoying Live Chat and the dying Instant Valuation Tool.

Your estate agency or your letting agency can install Roboval™ on their website and allow it to deal with web traffic, capture names, addresses, email accounts and telephone numbers, with engaging interaction, and without tying your staff to a chat window.

It offers an engaging messaging system and can give your visitors an instant online valuation in minutes, reporting back to you every step of the way!

Did I mention that you can also install it to your Facebook page and have it answer your page enquiries via Facebook Messenger, earning the the much coveted “Very responsive” badge?

No, well you can!

Are we excited about Roboval™? You bet we are and we are certain you will love it too!

Roboval™ creates a two way conversation.

It is both artificial and intelligent.

It captures data and leads.

It is the future of lead capture for estate agency websites!

Want to know more?

Visit www.roboval.co.uk and try the demo.

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