As you may or may not know, we build landing pages for estate agents, coupled with Facebook adverts and a Valuation Generator to help create Vendor & Landlord leads. We call it the Facebook Lead Engine™

… The results are absolutely staggering!

Many of our clients were reporting minimal traffic though their Instant Valuation Generator and were at a loss as to why that was. Well the answer is quite simple, the tool can generate leads but it can’t generate traffic!

That’s where a Landing Page and dedicated Facebooks ads come in, they are designed with one goal in mind, to drive potential leads directly into your contact list.

Look, I don’t want to turn this post into some sort of advert, so if you want to read more about landing pages and maybe even try the demo, click here.

What I do want to do is give you some genuine stats.

So here we go…

Campaign A

  • Client was already using a generator with minimal response.

These were the results after 1 week:

Vendor Lead Engine Results - 1 week

That’s 438 visits in one week!

What does this mean?

This means 438 visited the landing page in the first week alone!

Ok let’s talk about…

Campaign B

  • Client using another instant valuation tool
  • Zero leads generated
  • Integrated with our Partner Valuation Tool and Email Marketing System

Results after 3 days…

79 First Time Visitors

21 Subscribers (who submitted their email address and telephone number)

13 Subscribers in one day alone! (weekend usually a bit slower)


Sure thing, here you go…

Landing Page Traffic Spike

36 visitors in one day and the campaign only just started!
Just look at that spike!

This system beats anything else you may be using HANDS DOWN!

Yes, anything…

  • Leaflets
  • Printed media
  • Letters
  • Rightmove Banners
  • Featured Properties
  • Instant Valuation Tools*

(if I’ve missed anything, feel free to add it to the list yourself)

Oh and you won’t need to spend thousands on seminars to learn stuff you have no time to implement, never mind A/B test to make sure it’s all working at it’s best.

Let’s be honest, if you have time to do it yourself, you’re in the wrong business, you should become an internet marketer instead.

Ooops, sorry, back to the point…

It’s as simple as this.

  • Can you handle on average 4-8 new valuation leads a day?
  • Can you afford £5 per day on Facebook advertising?
  • Can you handle the truth?

You can’t handle the truth! (sorry couldn’t help it) Alright, here’s some truth for you (because I know you can handle it), these are the stats for a single campaign over 5 days:

Facebook Registrations 5 days

65 new leads in 5 days, how many does your Val Tool generate?
I’ll let you work out how many leads per day that is……

It’s a serious amount.

Best of all it’s fully scalable, want more leads, simply increase your ad spend.

Want to know how you can use this amazing system in your estate agency business?

Message me and I’ll respond personally or visit this page and try the demo.

I’m very excited about this you should be too!

P.S. Don’t let this this pass you by, make the most of it now. You will not have leads delivered to you with this sort of consistency using anything else, right now…
* Other instant valuation tools can be used with this system for improved results but are not able to deliver the required traffic to convert into leads on their own.

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