7 Tips To Help Grow Your Estate Agency with Digital Marketing..

Grow your estate agency with digital marketing

Want to scale your estate agency business and tap into pools of potential clients outside of what the property portals can give you?

If so, these insanely successful digital marketing ideas will help your business grow in ways you never knew possible. 92% of sellers use the internet to begin their search for an estate agent to use. This highlights just how important it is for estate agents to have an online presence across multiple social media platforms.

Enter Digital Marketing for Estate Agents!

When you need fresh estate agency marketing ideas, there are lots of resources available to assist you. There are also plenty of free tools to help you crank out quality content to your favourite social media platforms. Even so, sometimes the inspiration to come up with new content just isn’t there.

So what do you do?

Here are my top 7 easy-to-implement and affordable digital marketing for estate agents tips that are sure to set your estate agency up for success!

1. Optimise Your Website for Lead Generation

Is your website optimised for generating Vendor and Landlord leads?

If it’s like 99% of the websites we’ve reviewed then probably not. For some strange reason, most sites still follow the same pre-portal formula of displaying available properties front and centre. Or filling the homepage with industry jargon normal people just don’t understand.

If yours falls into this mould, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Your website is an online estate agent marketing tool that can help you book more appointments with potential clients.

My advice is to optimise your estate agency website, especially your homepage for Lead Generation.

Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Include a clear call to action (CTA)
  2. Display Social Proof
  3. Don’t link to external sites (on the homepage)
  4. Make it easy to read
  5. Write copy like it’s for them not just all about you
  6. Use terms on the site that your customers might be searching for, like “estate agents in [your area].

2. Get Active on Social Media.

Improving their social media presence allows estate agents to reach out and engage with potential sellers and buyers in their target market. An effective social media strategy can massively boost brand awareness for estate agents while also boosting traffic and increasing engagement with the brand. This all helps to create a strong online presence which in turn will help generate more leads in the local community.

Not sure where to start?

Everything starts with a good social media strategy. Start with the basics. Create a business page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram, if you haven’t done so already. There are certainly more social media marketing channels but these are great for building your brand awareness.

Not sure what to post?

Start by posting images of properties for sale, aspirational properties, local landmarks, or top tips. This should be enough to start growing and engaging with your local property market. Try to make the posts share-worthy and increase engagement by asking questions.

So if you’ve been looking for new ways to grow your estate agency with social media marketing, turn on the computer, log in to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok (my personal favourite), and get started!

3. Get Blogging

Writing a blog post is a digital marketing idea that works time & time again and it’s one that search engines love. It helps you to build your authority and get your local market interested in what you do. For example, if you’re looking to sell to the high-end market then why not write a post about your top tips for buying and selling luxury homes?

A blog is also a great place to improve your brand exposure with local customers. Ask people to opt in to your blog updates or offer a free gift (guide, checklist, etc) in exchange for a signup. This will allow you to build a list of leads who are interested in what you do.

4. Use Email to Nurture leads into clients.

Another way estate agents can get more listings is by using email marketing to nurture leads into clients. This takes time to set up and manage but will be worth the investment if it means that you have an influx of new clients.

There are many ways estate agents can use email marketing to grow their business, so here are just a few:

  1. Send out monthly newsletters with helpful tips for selling homes, updates on how the market is doing, and other useful information.
  2. Email sellers after they’ve turned in their house list with follow-up questions about why they didn’t pick your agency
  3. Reach out periodically to past sellers to see how they like living in their new home. This improves repeat business and referrals.
  4. Use email marketing to advertise your social media pages, blog, and website and push traffic to those channels.
  5. Automate your estate agent email campaigns – this way you can easily send out emails to all of your leads without spending hours on it each week!

5. Make Use of Video Content.

Estate agents really should be video content in their digital marketing strategy if they want to stay competitive. Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate with potential customers and get them to Know, Like & Trust you.

It’s not difficult to make a video, literally just get your phone out, point and shoot. Don’t get hung up on perfection, it’s not an advert. Pro Tip – Make sure the sound is good!

Some ideas on how estate agents can use video content include:

  1. Video blogging (vlogging) – estate agents can create video content that demonstrates their knowledge of the property market.
  2. Creating promotional videos – Create videos that highlight the benefits of selling through your estate agency.
  3. Introducing your estate agents to potential clients e.g ‘meet Bob, he runs our Sales department.

Remember to stay consistent and keep cranking them out!

6. Google My Business And Keep It Updated.

Right now Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most underutilised tools. I mean many estate agents have created a profile but are simply not using it to grow their business.

Google My Business is the perfect tool for estate agents looking to get in front of potential customers when they’re searching online. It allows you to display your details and offerings all in one place, just as people are searching for them

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Add a profile to your estate agency
  2. Provide the business address, contact details, and opening hours
  3. Upload photos
  4. Post regular content to engage with your local audience, such as posts or video content.

Posting to your profile regularly will also assist you in increasing your Google rankings and help you to be more visible when individuals are looking for your services. Pro Tip – Remember to respond to all your reviews.

7. Keep an eye on the competition.

Analysing the competition is something you should do regularly as part of your estate agency marketing plan!

Seeing what they’re doing and how they’re performing online will help you build a successful marketing strategy while also providing suggestions on how to improve your online presence. Ask questions like these:

  • What type of content do they post, and how often?
  • How do their Websites look?
  • What exactly are they promoting on social media?

Use this information to inform your digital marketing strategy and gain valuable insights into what works and what does not. Remember not to Copy/Paste!

In Summary

Estate agents who want to grow their property business online should leverage the power of social media and meet their clients where they are. A successful digital marketing strategy includes creating a Google My Business profile, posting regular content on social media channels and blogs, and ensuring they’re keeping an eye out for what other agencies are doing online.

If you need help with your estate agent marketing plan or any aspect of digital marketing strategy in general, we’d love to hear from you!

Just request a callback and we can have a chat about putting you on the right path to success.

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