Booking Market Appraisals More Effectively.

booking market appraisals more effectively

The value of booking Market Appraisals more effectively cannot be understated. I guarantee you that if you leave it all up to the “Valuer” on the day, then you have left it too late! Everyone talks about how much first impressions count, a vendor’s first real impression is when they speak to you for the first time, usually to book the Market Appraisal. It is imperative therefore that we use this opportunity to deliver an exceptional first impression!

Your competitors are just as good as you

Oh but we do, I hear you say….. Ok so you answer the phone politely, you sound interested in their property and their plans, you ask some questions and you build rapport. Great…..if you want to sound just like everyone else! Do not think for a second that your competitors are not just as good as you at delivering the above. This is why vendors often think that all agents are the same and find it hard to choose. You are leaving them no option but to choose their agent based on fee and valuation, oh and personality (you hope). So the tactic agents often are left with is to go in high on price, quote low on fees, build some sort of rapport and hope the vendor likes them. This is commercial suicide!

Vendors are willing to pay

Vendors simply want to be confident that you can get them the best possible price in the timescale they require and take all the stress away. Oh and trust me when I say that they are willing to pay for it. If you are having to continuously drop your fees because of what the other agent is charging then you have simply failed to show your vendors how you are worth more. This all begins from the initial contact.

Let’s look at the standard procedure in a little more detail, it tends to go a little something like this:

  • Vendor calls in via telephone
  • You answer and greet in a polite manner
  • They tell you they require a valuation
  • You respond with “fantastic” or something similar
  • You proceed to ask questions about their plans and the property
  • You attempt to build some rapport
  • You confirm contact info
  • You confirm a time and date
  • Calls ends
  • You hope the “Valuer” tells them what they need to hear on the day

What does the vendor want?

Granted you may have a few tweaks to this process which make it slightly different but I can guarantee you the vendor will feel just the same as when they spoke to the last agent they booked in. You have left yourself on an equal playing field…. again.

Obviously we need to get certain information when booking a valuation and then there’s certain information we would like. But what does the vendor want? The vendor wants to tell you they need a valuation, book a time and get off the phone. So why do we pick that moment to go through a load of questions they’ve most likely already been asked…twice?

What can we do differently?

Here’s the deal, booking the Market Appraisal is a chance for you to deliver your brand in a memorable way which leaves the vendor feeling positive having spoken to you. Do not waste it, EVER. When they call, be positive, sell the market and remind them that they’ve picked the best time to sell. Find out why they called your company or if they were referred to you. Talk to them, but more importantly let them talk to you. Try to find out the info you need via a conversation with them rather than a list of boring questions. Get them to tell you why they bought the house and what attracted them to it in the first place.

Create a positive, memorable client experience

Remember, what we are trying to achieve here is a client experience which is positive and memorable. Reassure them of how busy you are, create a personal relationship, show interest in their home and leave them on a high. They will now be looking forward to hearing what your company has to say. What the valuer does on the day should just be the cherry on the cake!

Now go and deliver your Market Appraisal confirmation letter.

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