Setting the stage for a perfect sale.

Setting the stage for a perfect sale

Chris Kyriacou offers tips on how to attract more buyers to your home.

When selling any item, good presentation often creates a quicker sale at a better price. Would you pay top price for a car which was filthy, how would you feel if one of the hub caps were missing? When buying fruit do you pick the bruised apples?

Home staging works wonders

Staging your home for a sale can work wonders for its saleability. It can make your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and best of all it can help you to attract a quality buyer willing to pay your price. Presenting your home well can also strengthen your position when it comes to negotiating price as buyers can see the added value. Buyers love homes that seem cared for and treated with pride. It is for the same reason that cars with a full service history sell for a much higher price than those without.

No need to splash out

Presenting your property well is particularly important in a difficult market when buyers feel like they have the power to reduce asking prices. However don’t feel like you have to splash out and redecorate your home to a really high standard. There are plenty of little things you can do that will help your home to stand out from the crowd and help your buyer feel right at home.

Start by removing the clutter

Start with a quick de-clutter followed by a simple de-personalise. Buyers like to be able to picture themselves living in your home and pictures of you all around the house may not help. Make sure the house is clean and smells fresh, pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas. If you have gardens try to make them look pretty you’d be surprised at how much this helps.

Put in the effort, it will be well rewarded!

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